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try again   
11:58am 07/06/2006
  sorry, heres the link http://www.myspace.com/justynrubenstein
but the new song still isn't up yet.
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09:10pm 14/01/2006
mood: bored
Leave me an anonymous note saying absolutely anything you want.

Could be a criticism, could be a compliment, could be how you feel... could be something completely random and unrelated.

Leave as many notes as you'd like.
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09:39pm 25/10/2005
Your death will be suicide....Most likely because
people won't except you or love you or because
you hate life itself...You have constent
thoughts of suicide daily....and you plan when
you will. Someday it will happen....You most
likely die alone in your house...with nothing
but dark music playing. You'll probably write a
sucide note and die right by your bed side....

How Will You Die And Why? .:Beautiful Dark Pics:.
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07:37am 01/09/2005
mood: blank
I'm going to change some of my journal viewing stuff. It will still be friends only, but if you weren't added before post again and I'll probably add you now. Mostly you probably weren't added because I didn't know who you were. Baisically now, I don't really care. I just want to know who is viewing my journal. Please no rude comments or I will delete you. Be respectful and don't steal my lyrics. THanks !
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just in case you cared   
08:33pm 10/05/2005
mood: restless
FREE junior size Frostys at Wendy's nationwide this Friday-Sunday.

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move in   
11:27am 06/05/2005
mood: crazy
next saturday (not this coming one) Jon and I are moving the big stuff into the apartment. Anyone who wants to help can! Its much appreciated. Just post here, and I'll give you the info.
Day of Silence   
11:10pm 12/04/2005
mood: sleepy
Wed. april 13th is a day of silence. I am protesting the silence faced by Transgender people. My deliberate silence echoes the daily silencing caused by harassment, prejudice, and discrimination. Ending the silence is the first step toward fighting these injustices. Think about the voices you are not hear today.
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AIDS benifit   
09:52pm 05/04/2005
mood: dirty
April 17th, I am playing a show to raise money for AIDS. I played this benifit last yr too. Its April 17th 7pm in Rairig auditorium. check my website for ticket prices ect.
AIDS benifit   
08:02am 11/03/2005
mood: anxious
I'm walking in the March for AIDS. If anyone wants to sponser and help donate to the cause. Leave a post here with your e-mail and I'll send you the info on what you can do. Any amount no matter how small is appreciated, and useful
thanks so much
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Self Injury awarness day   
11:49am 01/03/2005
mood: anxious
"Self Injury Awareness Day" - March 1st

1st March is Self Injury Awareness Day.
SIAD is a global awareness day, and yet it is not supported by any nations' governments, because it is a grass-roots idea. Somehow, in the mists of time, the date was set as the 1st of March, and organisations around the world make extra efforts to raise awareness ready for SIAD.
The colour for some reason is orange. Some people wear an orange ribbon, but in the past SIAD bracelets have been worn:
- Orange beads if you self harm;
- Orange and white if you used to;
- White if you have never self harmed but understand.
If you agree that people should be made aware of this issue and this day, re-post this in your journal.

*if you want the little ribon just add this code to your journal:
< img src="http://tinypic.com/1zc9cz" >
just make sure to add the brakets together*
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03:44pm 06/02/2005
mood: angry
i hate everthing right now
Another Show   
03:20pm 03/02/2005
mood: sleepy
Another show posted on the website
05:26pm 01/02/2005
mood: depressed
New show posted... check the website for info
07:14am 01/02/2005
mood: pissed off
i'm bored..so ya   
11:21am 26/01/2005
mood: bored
Choose a band/or artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:: Ani Difranco

Are you female or male:: Not a pretty girl

Describe yourself:: I'm not heroine

How do some people feel about you:: wrong with me

How do you feel about yourself:: shameless

Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:: what all is nice

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:: Gratitude

Describe where you want to be:: out of range

Describe what you want to be:: what all is nice

Describe how you live:: willing to fight

Describe how you love:: soft shoulder
yay !   
04:06pm 25/01/2005
mood: excited
I got booked for my first paying show! Its at UMD, but it's not till May. Check the website for further updates...
for all who have added me as a friend   
09:51am 20/01/2005
mood: tired
For all of those who have added me as a friend on thier list. If you noticed that I hardley ever post, its because i rarely make posts that aren't friends only. If you would like to be added to my friends list please post a comment stating who you are, and if I feel alright with you reading my journal i will add you
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yep sounds like me   
04:09pm 13/01/2005
mood: calm
You scored as Musical/Rhythmic. You are sensitive to sounds in your environment, enjoy music and prefer listening to music when you study or read. You learn best through melody and music. People like you include singers, conductors, composers, and others who appreciate the various elements of music.
















The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences
created with QuizFarm.com
this sounds just like me   
11:33am 04/01/2005
  You Are a Retrospective Soul

The most misunderstood of all the soul signs.
Sometimes you even have difficulty seeing yourself as who you are.
You are intense and desire perfection in every facet of your life.
You're best described as extremely idealistic, hardworking, and a survivor.

Great moments of insight and sensitivity come to you easily.
But if you aren't careful, you'll ignore these moments and repeat past mistakes.
For you, it is difficult to seperate the past from the present.
You will suceed once you overcome the disappoinments in life.

Souls you are most compatible with: Traveler Soul and Prophet Soul
06:02pm 20/11/2004
mood: sick
I'm at Jon's. Hes such a sexy man!!! :) I am sick, and I lost my voice. It is the biggest pain in the ass trying to work, and I'm loosing money because I can't work at PotBelly. Its really depressing. Plus thanksgiving is coming up, and I hate that holiday. GRRRR I hate holidays. Hope everyone else is doing good. This update is dedicated to Chealsea Becker, because she has been complaining that no one is updating. Chealsea, this one is for you! :)
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